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Encouraging the artist within

The St. Luke's visual arts program is designed not only to expose students to a variety of techniques and media, but also to teach them about different artists, artistic movements, and cultural influences on art.  The vertically-aligned curriculum builds upon skills and topics covered in previous years while layering in exposure to new, developmentally appropriate concepts.  While an elementary art student will be focusing more heavily on improving fine motor skills, exploring lines and pattern, and differentiating between realistic and abstract, a middle school artist is ready for more advanced compositional studies, sculptural techniques, and art critique.

St. Luk e's students have multiple visual arts classes weekly through the fifth grade, and middle schoolers have the opportunity to choose a specialized visual arts elective.  The school has two fully equipped, dedicated art rooms.  We also have our own kiln, enabling our artists to create ceramic works and have them fired on campus.  Students develop extensive art portfolios over the course of each year and bring home this trove of personal masterpieces in the spring after the school's  annual Crescendo arts night celebration.