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Bringing art to life

At St. Luke's we believe that you grow a child's intellect and curiosity through exposure to a spectrum of opportunities for learning.  In his theory of multiple intelligences, Harvard developmental psychologist Howard Gardner proposes that human intelligence is differentiated into eight specific abilities, or "modalities".  Among these eight are musical, spatial, and bodily-kinesthetic, all of which are exercised in fine arts disciplines.

Students have the joy of exploring the fine arts through our programs in visual arts, dance, music, and drama.  Our fine arts faculty are passionate about their disciplines and weave themes of culture and history into their classes, showing students how art enriches the fabric of our society and the greater world.  When you see the artwork beautifying our hallways, hear the voices harmonizing in chapel or in a concert, or watch our dancers grace the stage, you witness art coming alive at St. Luke's.