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Developing the student-athlete

St. Luke’s athletes are scholars in the classroom and leaders on the field.  Students are coached in the fundamentals of their chosen sports while learning the importance of commitment, perseverance, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Students in 5th grade and up have the opportunity to participate in Athletics, with over 95% athletic participation among all middle level students. 

Every student has the opportunity to explore and participate in any sport they would like to try or play.  St. Luke's no-cut policy encourages students to explore different sports regardless of their experience level, and enables all students to benefit from being part of a team.

Athletic teams typically practice after school. St. Luke's is part of the Independent School Athletic League (ISAL), allowing students to complete against other area private and independent schools. For some sports, St. Luke's participates in additional athletic leagues, to allow students even more opportunities to play, compete, and grow their skills.

For 5th and 6th grade volleyball and soccer, SLES participates in the San Antonio Christian Athletic League (SACAL). Both athletic programs are divided into two groups: Beginners (5th grade) and Advanced (6th grade). 

For 5th and 6th grade basketball, SLES participates in the San Antonio Christian School Intermediate Basketball League (SACS). This program is composed of a Boys and Girls division, which are both separated into Beginners (5th grade) and Advanced (6th grade). 

Athletic Photos