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St. Luke's Holistic Education     

Strong academic programs are anchored by well-articulated, consistent curricula. In many schools, the curriculum is composed of a body of content that students are expected to learn from year to year. St. Luke’s faculty and administration believe that the acquisition of content knowledge is important. We also believe that our curriculum and instruction should equip students with the skills and abilities they will need to drive success in high school, college, and the world beyond. For these reasons, St. Luke's curriculum can best be explained and illustrated through our Curriculum Skills Map and Program Guide. 

Our proprietary St. Luke's Curriculum Skills Map details the set of skills and abilities that your student will gain as the result of instruction received at St. Luke's. This map provides a clear picture of what we expect students to be able to do at the conclusion of each academic year. 

Our Program Guide shows families the progression of courses students take during their tenure at St. Luke's from PK3 to 8th grade. Our Program Guide, when viewed in the context of the Curriculum Skills Map, shows a rigorous program rooted in a clear curriculum unique to St. Luke's. 


St. Luke's Curriculum Skills Map



St. Luke's Program Guide