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Ready to step up

Our Elementary Level encompasses first, second, and third grades.  The physical departure of these students from the cocoon of the early childhood wing is symbolic of their readiness to embark on new intellectual journeys.  They continue to build upon concepts and skills introduced in kindergarten through the incorporation of the Spalding phonics learning method into our integrated language arts program and our SLES math program designed with elements of Singapore Math, Creative Mathematics, and current mathematical best practice.

The joy in learning, intellectual curiosity, and academic pride that are instilled in the early childhood years at St. Luke’s serves our elementary students well as they explore extensive, often interdisciplinary curricular units.  One signature program shared by the entire Elementary Level is our World Cultures Celebration in the Spring.

Beginning in first grade, our elementary students also perform declamations at least twice each year. As students memorize and recite a piece of poetry, short speech, or report they composed themselves, they gain confidence in their public speaking ability that will last far beyond school and into adulthood.  The coaching and encouragement given by their teachers promotes a positive, supportive environment in which students can master this important life skill.