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Your investment in The St. Luke’s Fund supports the people of SLES, our students and faculty, by providing      outstanding opportunities and life-changing experiences.

Opportunities happen – when our students’ academic experience challenges their potential, when their  involvement in extracurricular activities increases their leading with confidence, and when community service projects open their hearts and minds to the needs of others. These moments let you know your investment has made a difference.

Over the last 70+ years the strength of St. Luke’s has always been this community’s commitment to educating our students.  The faculty members have inspired SLES students, trained their minds, strengthened their character and prepared them for a lifetime of learning and leading. Thankfully, parents, BOT members, community friends, grandparents and alumni have chosen to make a difference on the hilltop. By investing in SLES, our students grow confidently into scholars, citizens and leaders.

The St. Luke's Fund


Your 100% tax deductible contribution to the St. Luke’s Fund is essential to the provision of a “margin of excellence”. 


Kaleidoscope "Fun Raiser"

   Kaleidoscope 2019 was a tremendous success, and we are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support! 


We love to hear about St. Luke's alums making a difference around the world. Please update us with your current whereabouts and exciting endeavors. We welcome updates from all of our alums and are always thrilled to have you back on campus!