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Making "joyful noise"

We begin each day with music at St. Luke's, rejoicing in song as a community during morning chapel.  Our musical arts program provides more opportunity for "joyful noise" while educating students in the creative art of making music.  The curriculum emphasizes daily practice of beat, pitch, rhythm, movement, expression and harmony while introducing and refining vocal and instrumental techniques.  Meanwhile, a diverse selection of songs exposes our students to musical performers and styles from a wide variety of cultures.

As with other disciplines at St. Luke's, the musical arts curriculum is designed to build upon students' experience and mastery from year to year, encouraging them to develop their skills and deepen their appreciation for music. Students engage in multiple music classes weekly through fifth grade and then choose from a range of elective choices in middle school.  Elements of the music program include choral music, handbells, guitar and ukulele ensembles, an allstar drumline, sound engineering program, and general music education, and students can pursue more focused learning in the Sound of St. Luke's choir and other options.