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Chapel = Community

"Daily chapel provides an invaluable opportunity to form the values, character, and morals of our students.  When former students return to St. Luke’s, they usually visit the chapel and share stories about their chapel buddies, the beautiful stained glass, the friends who sat with them, and the specialness of this space where their souls were nourished.”- Reverend David Read

Why Episcopal Education?

When as ked what makes an Episcopal school different, beloved former rector of St. Luke’s Church Reverend Joseph DiRaddo would say: “The Episcopal faith is not threatened by ideas.”




Church and School as One

St. Luk e's Episcopal School was founded in 1947, only three years after the church originally opened its doors.  Education has always been central to the mission of this active congregation.

Lessons from the Pulpit


Alumna Elizabeth Lyons '04 recently gave a chapel talk about how her St. Luke's experience greatly impacted her life.