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Early Childhood Level

Playful learning

St. Luke’s Early Childhood program focuses on the whole child and nurtures growth in all areas using a developmentally appropriate and integrated curriculum. Through play and exploration, classroom experiences are designed to provide academic foundational readiness for future learning. Combining hands-on learning with multi-sensory activities encourages students to develop independence and work cooperatively.

In Early Childhood, the cornerstone in our foundation is the social and emotional development of each child. Every day begins with Chapel.  We celebrate everything from a new baby brother or sister, losing a first tooth, learning to tie shoes or beginning to read. We lift each other up during difficult days. As a community, we join together to recommit ourselves to the St. Luke’s Way, a pledge that guides our conduct and the way we interact with others. That framework is carried with children throughout their day.

St. Luke’s students are encouraged to ask questions, make discoveries and take risks. We provide opportunities for them to lead, serve and speak in front of others. At St. Luke’s we develop confident, resilient learners ready to embark on a journey of life long learning and service to others.

  • EC begins with PK3 and continues through Kindergarten
  • Half day program for PK3 & PK4 begins at 8 am and finishes at 12:30 pm
  • Supervised morning care begins at 7:30 am
  • PK3 & PK4 eat lunch together family style
  • Kinder enjoys lunch in Parish Hall (cafeteria)
  • PK3 & PK4 After School Care begin at 12:30 pm