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The St. Luke's Fund, or Annual Fund, is the foundation of the School’s yearly fundraising efforts. Your 100% tax-deductible contribution to the St. Luke’s Fund allows us to further our school’s mission and ensures that St. Luke's continues to provide an unparalleled educational experience to each of our students.

We rely on and are grateful to the many parents, grandparents, the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, alumni, and community friends who support the School financially each year. 

St. Luke's Fund gifts support essential operations at St. Luke's, providing faculty support, upgrading facilities to promote a safe teaching and learning environment, and enhancing the academic program. Your gifts are truly appreciated, not only because they make our school a stronger, more vibrant place, but because they also represent your confidence in St. Luke's. 

We aspire to 100% participation by our SLES families, faculty and staff, and the Board of Trustees. This achievement is critical to the financial health of the School and to securing matching funds from corporations.  

Give online or make a pledge today. 

Thank you so much for your support and love of St. Luke's Episcopal School.




The St. Luke’s Way Society     $25,000+

Head of School Society          $10,000+

Hilltop Lamplighters                  $5,000+

1947 Club                                      $1,947+

Tiger Society                               $1,000+

Scholar’s Circle                              $500+

Red and Blue Partners                   $100+

Friends of St. Luke’s                Up to $99


St. Luke's Episcopal School was founded in 1947 and opened its doors on Cloverleaf before moving to the hilltop located at 15 St. Luke’s Lane. The 1947 Club was founded to create a stable and dependable source of unrestricted operating income for St. Luke’s Episcopal School. Friends who reach the 1947 Club giving level, by donating $1947 or above, are honored each school year.


If you have already made a gift to St. Luke's Episcopal School, please let us know. We would like to thank you for your generosity and welcome you. Please contact us at (210) 826-0664 so we may ensure that we fulfill your gift exactly as you intended. 


The St. Luke's Fund, or Annual Fund, is the foundation of the School’s yearly fundraising efforts. Your 100% tax-deductible contribution to the St. Luke’s Fund allows us to further our school’s mission and ensures that St. Luke's continues to provide an unparalleled educational experience to each of our students. To be successful, everyone in our school community must commit to strengthening SLES and creating an enduring foundation for the educational process. Tuition funds our mission. Your gifts fund our vision.


The goal of the St. Luke’s Fund is to support instruction that is transformative as it inspires our students to reach, imagine, and achieve. Our campaign goal is 100% participation from our school families, Board of Trustee members, faculty and staff members.   This achievement is critical to the financial health of the School and to securing matching funds from corporations.  


Tuition funds our mission. Gifts fund our VISION. Instructional innovation is constantly changing how we think about educating our students. Your gift supports everything that sets a St. Luke’s education apart—brilliant teachers, small class sizes, exceptional offerings in academics and the arts, and experiences that develop character and leadership. 100% of our students benefit from your participation in the St. Luke’s Fund, and like virtually all other independent schools, SLES relies on gifts to its annual fund, the St. Luke’s Fund. Our tuition covers approximately 85% of the total cost of educating each student. The 15% gap is approximately $3,100/student. 

There are many ways to make a gift—cash, check, credit card, pledges, or matching gifts from your company or employer.

Remittance Envelope:  You can pay with cash, check or by making a pledge. Just return the envelope to the school office.  Done!
Credit card via online:
Pledges:  For tax or financial purposes, some may prefer to wait until later in the school year to make their donation. Pledges may be a commitment for a one-time gift in the months to come or may be a commitment to pay in installments. If a family pledges either on the envelope or online, we will send them a letter acknowledging and documenting the pledge. Online pledge form link here. 
Matching Gifts: Submit necessary forms to our Development Office. 

Yes, it certainly does! Your gift, combined with those of alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends builds a stronger school for our children. Every gift extends the excellence found in the classroom and in the community. This benefits our children. Every gift, no matter the size, matters.


You have until May 31st of the current school year to fulfill your pledge. You can make your payment monthly or choose to make a single payment in a specific month that is convenient for you.


The level of participation in the St. Luke’s Fund is of keen interest to outside funders to whom we apply for grants. This demonstrates that we are maximizing fundraising opportunities within our community and are worthy of outside support. Additionally, gifts to the St. Luke’s Fund are 100% tax-deductible.


Joyce Horner, Director of Development