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The Importance of Giving

Understanding Fundraising at St. Luke’s Episcopal School

At St. Luke’s Episcopal School, we want you to feel welcome and included.  Your engagement is critical in helping us achieve our mission and to building a lasting foundation for the future of our students.  We encourage our families to participate in the daily life of SLES, build community and provide financial support beyond tuition.  

The nation's finest independent schools have solid fundraising programs with active parent involvement, St. Luke’s is no exception!  Our school benefits from a tradition of generous giving.  We depend on a combination of tuition and fundraising revenue to support our daily operations, curriculum, campus security, and faculty development.  Fundraising includes contributions to the St. Luke’s Fund and our spring event ~ Kaleidoscope. Throughout the year, you may find other ways to support St. Luke’s, please know we greatly appreciate all of your support.

Your family will make lifelong friendships during your St. Luke’s years.  The more involved you are, the more memories you will make.  Our parents make extraordinary things happen for our students - and for that we are incredibly grateful! We hope that you will make St. Luke’s Episcopal School a priority as you give your time, talent  and resources.  We are truly grateful for your investment in SLES!  Thank You. 


My family already pays tuition.  Why am I asked to donate in addition to tuition?

The Board of Trustees tries to keep tuition affordable so many families will be able to send their child(ren) to SLES.  Raising tuition to the actual costs to educate each student would restrict the number of families who could afford to attend the school.  While at the same time, we endeavor to maintain the excellence of our academic programs and a diverse community. Charitable contributions help us achieve both goals.  Donations are fully tax deductible, while tuition is not.  Donating to St. Luke’s benefits you more than including all costs to educate your child(ren) in the tuition.  

What is the difference between donating to the St. Luke’s Fund and other giving opportunities?

The St. Luke’s Fund is vital to the daily operations at St. Luke’s.  The St. Luke’s Fund provides essential, unrestricted income to support the schools current operating budget for items not covered by the full cost of tuition.  St. Luke’s Fund gifts are expended in the year given, so your gift will immediately impact the daily lives of all students.  

How much am I encouraged to contribute to the St. Luke’s Fund?

We understand tuition is a significant investment and every family has a different capacity to give. We ask that you prayerfully consider a level that is meaningful to you and makes sense for your family.  Every gift matters and makes an impact.

Is St. Luke’s eligible for Employer Matching Gifts?

Yes.  Matching gifts allow you to double and sometimes triple, your donation through the generosity of your employer.  

Can I make my St. Luke’s Fund donation online?

Yes. Online gifts can be made at

How can I get involved at St. Lukes?

St. Luke’s is a strong community with active, supportive parents who care deeply about the mission of the school.  To get involved with Kaleidoscope, Grandparents Day, or other fundraising and friend-raising opportunities please contact  We would love to get to know you and we are always looking for awesome volunteers!  

Timeline of Events

St. Luke’s Fund - September 29 -  November 3, 2023

Family Fall Fling - October 27, 2023

Grandparents & Special Friends Day - February 16, 2024

Kaleidoscope - A Night of Fun-Raising - April 12, 2024

Giving Societies

The St. Luke’s Way Society     $25,000+

Head of School Society           $10,000+

Hilltop Lamplighters                 $  5,000+

1947 Club                                   $   1,947+

Tiger Society                              $  1,000+

Scholar’s Circle                          $     500+

Red and Blue Partners              $     100+

Friends of St. Luke’s                  Up to $99

The 1947 Club

St. Luke's Episcopal School was founded in 1947 and opened its doors on Cloverleaf before moving to the hilltop located at 15 St. Luke’s Lane. The 1947 Club was founded to create a stable and dependable source of unrestricted operating income for St. Luke’s Episcopal School. Friends who reach the 1947 Club giving level by donating $1947 or above are honored each year.