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Choosing private schools

November 13, 2019
By Webmaster

Making the decision to send your child to private school takes thoughtful deliberation and extensive research. Many families choose private institutions for their rigorous academic programs, unique educational philosophies, or religious beliefs. At St. Luke’s Episcopal School, we recognize the sacrifice that parents make when investing in their child’s educational future by enrolling them in a private school. In an effort to help navigate the private school enrollment process, the education experts at St. Luke's have compiled a series of considerations to help guide your decision making process. 

What type of school is right for your child? 

Parents need to consider who their child is, as well as their academic and social emotional needs. Would your child flourish in a large class size, or would they benefit from specialized instruction? Does your child need academic support? Perhaps your child would flourish in a program that is child-centered or provides an enriched curriculum. Finding the best fit for your child will ultimately help you reach your most important goal: your child’s happiness. 

What goals do you have for your child’s education?

Are you looking for a traditional educational experience, advanced academic program, or a more holistic approach to education? Private schools articulate their purpose and philosophy through their mission. Discerning parents should examine the mission of the school and determine if it aligns with the goals they hold for their child’s education.

What school is right for your family?

Certainly, the cost of tuition and fees is important for most families when choosing a school. However, there are private schools at almost any budget. Many schools offer robust financial support. Aside from finances, you should also investigate whether prospective schools offer additional services and support that your family may require. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 60% of households with children under 18 have two parents in the workforce. These complicated schedules require extended care for young children, after school enrichment courses, academic tutoring, and athletic/intramural activities for older children. Lastly, does the school community feel welcoming and supportive? The sense of community, parental participation and support should all be considered in this decision. You are choosing a second home for your child and ultimately, your family.

Why St. Luke’s Episcopal School?

St. Luke’s Episcopal School is a special environment, unlike any other school in the city of San Antonio. Our school embodies a holistic educational vision which attends to the growth of the mind, body, and spirit in a hospitable, inclusive Christian community. Students are known, loved, challenged, and nurtured by experienced educators who are deeply committed to each student’s growth and development. SLES offers a broad array of programs and opportunities in a safe and inclusive environment which fosters personal and intellectual growth, critical thinking, and a love of life-long learning.  Our dedication to keeping class sizes small enables a level of individualized, personalized attention and teacher-student relationship that enhances authentic and deep learning. 

Call St. Luke’s for a personalized tour, where you can witness our classrooms in action and interact with faculty and current parents. We strongly encourage you to visit us and experience all that St. Luke’s has to offer your child.

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