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It's Time to Get Ready for School

August 05, 2019
By The Rev. Dr. James Hamner, IV '70

“Summer time and the living’s easy”.  So goes the classic tune from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess.  Certainly summer for children is a delight and wonder, a time to relax and explore.  A time for travel with family and friends, a time to play at the beach, lake, or mountains.  Our children need unstructured time to be themselves and to cultivate their imaginations without the ceaseless drone and distraction of social media and electronic stimuli.  Ideally, summer can be a time for recharging and renewing ourselves, children and parents, and of deepening our family bonds.     

            As we prepare for the start of a new school year, we turn our focus on how best to prepare our children for an exciting and engaging year of learning and growth.  Below are some time tested ways we can help our children to successfully start the school year.

  • Transition to school year routines.  School is a highly structured environment.  Children need a good night’s sleep to function well.  It is a good idea to start moving to good sleep habits in the weeks before school.  Likewise with other activities, such as family meals or extracurricular activities (sports, dance, music, etc.), it is good to begin to move towards making such activities part of the daily routine.  School can seem exhausting to children, particularly the first few weeks.  Transitioning to a school schedule can help to alleviate this stress for children (and parents!).
  • Talk positively about school.  Children can be nervous about new classmates, new teachers, and a new environment, even in the same school.  Parents can reassure their children that they will be with friends and teachers who know them and will support and care for them.  At St. Luke’s, we continually stress the vital influence and importance of a strong partnership between parents and teachers.  We want each child to flourish and believe that happens best when there is clear communication between the school and its families.
  • Talk about their school day.  Parents can talk about the many exciting activities their child were be participating in, when school begins and ends, how carpool will work, and how proud they are of their child.
  • Visit the school and classrooms before the start of the new school year.  At. St. Luke’s, we begin our school year with “Meet the Teacher” day where students and parents can come and visit the teachers and classrooms, set up their lockers, meet their friends and classmates, and hear more from their teachers what they will be learning and about exciting upcoming classroom events and activities.  And then, everyone goes to the Rollercade to enjoy some great fun!

I hope everyone enjoys a great start to the new school year!

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