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Head of School's Welcome


Welcome to St. Luke's Episcopal School, where students' spiritual growth remains an integral part of our mission, working to inspire good citizenship, service to God and our community, and love and respect for oneself and others. We remain bold and committed to living the St. Luke's Way as we guide PK3 through eighth-grade students to discover what it means to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably. 

We pride ourselves on being a genuinely caring and inclusive community where all are truly welcome, and everyone has a voice. As the proud parent of a SLES student, I understand firsthand the benefits and blessings of having your child in a school that recognizes and celebrates the inherent worth and dignity of each person. SLES is a wholehearted community of learners committed to cultivating spiritual growth, academic achievement, and character. We expect our children to be their best selves and rise to the occasion. 

A SLES education is about much more than high caliber academics. We believe in giving every student time to grow at his or her own pace. Thanks to our school's plentiful opportunities and an encouraging, supportive faculty, students of all ages learn to safely take risks, seek new challenges, and celebrate each other's successes. They are encouraged to join a variety of clubs, athletic teams, performing arts groups, service organizations, outside of the classroom to expand their sense of self, purpose, and potential while learning about themselves, exploring their talents, and discovering new interests and passions. Therefore, SLES students are not just scholars or athletes or artists or servant-leaders; instead, they are all of these things and more. In an age of ever-increasing specialization, we seek to develop students equipped to meet the wide-ranging needs of a complex, interconnected world. 

SLES is a place where all students matter - from the youngest to oldest.  We know children, and we know that building confidence and resilience go hand in hand with learning to lead ourselves and others. Our graduates take with them this deep sense of community and build the same sense of community in their own families, neighborhoods, and workplaces.  Our complete, balanced, and inspiring approach to education ensures that our graduates are outstanding citizens who are well-prepared to thrive in high school, college, and life. 

We are happy that you are exploring our school today. Please take the time to visit our campus and learn more about this special place that we call home each day. We know you will see evidence of our love for what we do, the kindness of our community, and how we frame a challenging yet nurturing education for students.

We look forward to graciously welcoming you to the SLES Family! 


Chelsea Collins 
Head of School 

Ms. CHelsea Collins
Head of School


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