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Kelly Satel: SLES Parent '17

"My daughter has and continues to thrive at St. Luke's! The school has provided a supportive, nurturing, and academically challenging environment for her to excel and develop meaningful skills and a strong foundation for her future. Living the "St. Luke's Way" gives her a faith-based foundation from which to become a leader and serve others. It remains an easy choice for us!"

Claire Cavender: St. Luke’s Class of 2005, St. Mary’s Hall ‘09, BFA University of Texas Austin, Current Account Executive at The PR Boutique

"St. Luke's gives you the ability to have that one-on-one experience with your teachers due to the small class sizes. Its size also allowed me to make friends with people in different grades. I gained lasting friendships at St. Luke’s. My two very best friends are St. Luke’s graduates and our friendship continued all throughout high school and college. We remain close to this day even though we all live in different cities." 


Vivian: Class of 2016 , 
St. Luke’s Scholar since Grade 1, Student Voice Treasurer, SLES Thespian & Talent Show 2016 Winner

"My parents’ choice to send me to St. Luke’s was the best decision they could have made for my education. If I had not attended St. Luke’s, I am certain I would not have developed such a strong relationship with God, my peers, my teachers, and the entire St. Luke’s community. St. Luke's has prepared me for high school and impacted me tremendously. I have learned how to make new friends and have confidence in myself. Since I am going to a bigger school next year, I know I will be more confident when trying to make friends and find my way. The most important strength I have developed at St. Luke's is perseverance. St. Luke's has taught me that everyone makes mistakes, and when you go through a tough time, you just need to persist to get through it. Needless to say, I love it here at SLES. It breaks my heart that I won't be walking these hallways next year.

Munther & Mona Shamieh: SLES Parents '14 & '20:

St. Luke's has been the school for our family for the past ten years. SLES has been evolving and thriving to be the best version of itself, with stronger than ever curriculum, a safe and warm atmosphere, friendly faces all around, and faith that supports our beliefs. Our older son Zayd, Class of 2014, loves to visit the school that instilled in him high values, confidence, and perseverance; and he always feels welcomed. Noor comes home everyday with a smile on his face and another project he conquered; and that's what really matters.

Linda Barron: Instructional Teaching Assistant since 1986, SLES Parent ‘15

"Choosing St. Luke’s is the greatest gift I have given my sons. This little school one the hilltop welcomed and accepted them with open arms. Attending daily chapel nourished their souls and strengthened their faith. I knew I would be giving them the gift of security because they were in a place where they would feel safe, loved, acknowledged and nurtured - just like home. Not only did they learn to recite the St. Luke’s Way, but they learned to live by example from those who surrounded them. Their teachers challenged them to do their best with compassion and understanding. They learned to be competitive yet possess good sportsmanship through the guidance of their coaches. Everyone made them feel validated and important.

When I entered this building in 1986, I knew within a couple of weeks that I wanted to be here for a long time. I choose to be at St. Luke’s because I work with colleagues whose main purpose is to focus on the needs of a child. We choose to love every child for their uniqueness. We choose to teach respect by respecting them. We choose to embrace their strengths and their weaknesses. My youngest son said, “I will, not only with God’s help, but because St. Luke’s taught me how to make a difference.” He gave me the greatest gift: confirmation that I made the right choice."

Angela & Trey Rabke: SLES Parents ‘21, ‘23

“San Antonio has so many schooling options, and we looked at all of them carefully. We chose SLES for our kids because St. Luke's stood out: balancing our requirements for a safe and nurturing environment, a challenging and thoughtful curriculum, a culture that celebrates creativity and individuality, and a dedication to Christian principles. My kids continue to blossom as they grow in the halls of St. Luke's, and we are so grateful for that.”

Kim Hinojosa: St. Luke’s Reading Specialist since 2002 & SLES Parent ‘13

“I walked into the doors of St. Luke's 14 years ago as a new faculty member. Shortly after, my daughter, Camille, entered PK3 and attended St. Luke's through 8th grade. She is a graduate of the class of 2013. Camille and I will always think of St. Luke's as our home and a safe haven that helped us through the very difficult time in our life when her Dad passed away. We were embraced and will never forget it. I have enjoyed my job as reading specialist for the 14 years that I have been blessed to work here. Camille is thriving in high school and has a tremendous work ethic due to her years at St. Luke's. She is preparing to apply to colleges soon, and I have no doubt that she will succeed in whatever she pursues. Having chapel as part of our daily routine has also been a determining factor in my daughter getting very involved in the Teen Ministry at her hometown church. It is a blessing to be a part of the St. Luke's Community.”

Tommy & Carrie Green: St. Luke’s Alumna and SLES Parents ‘11, ’13 & ‘17

“Our family has chosen SLES for 17 years now. We love the way our children have been a part of a nurturing Christian environment where they can grow in positive ways. Starting their day with chapel was important to us. The high level of academics also prepared them for high school and now college where they are thriving. The family environment at SLES provides support and love that has given our girls the confidence to succeed in all they do.” -Tommy Green

“My first experience at SLES was chosen for me by my parents as a student. My time there as a student and parishioner led me to enroll my first child here 17 years ago. This was one of the best decisions I have made. I have watched SLES grow with my children. Now with two graduates and one on her way, I know we will always consider SLES our second home. As a volunteer and later a teacher at St. Luke’s, I know that all students are loved and given the opportunity to become scholars, citizens and leaders!” -Carrie Green

Ashley & Cottie Miles: SLES Parents ‘19, ‘20

"We choose SLES so that our girls can be part of warm, accepting Christian community where academic challenge is held at high priority. SLES celebrates their individual qualities while giving opportunities for growth and new experiences."

Elise ‘19 & Catie ‘20

"We choose SLES because our friends and teachers love us."

Garrett: Class of 2016 - St. Luke’s Lifer. Member of National Junior Honor Society, Student Voice, Robotics Team, Junior Classical League, Cross Country & Track Teams

"My experience at St. Luke’s has prepared me for high school because of the strong academic courses and the valuable life lessons we have been taught. Two qualities that I have developed at St. Luke’s are compassion and politeness. I will use these skills at my future job, when being a gentleman, and when I am with my family. My parents’ choice to send me to St. Luke’s has impacted me because I wouldn’t have the same personality that I do today. I would not have met my great friends. I wouldn’t have great memories of outdoor school or field day. I wouldn’t have met the amazing faculty and staff. My life would be so different if my parents had not sent me to St. Luke’s. This is an awesome school and I am glad my parents made this choice for me."

“Our whole family is saddened to think that this will be the last few months at St. Luke's School. Sending our children to St. Luke's has been one of the best decisions we have made, not only because of the strong academics, but also the strong moral and religious guidance. Mikayla and Garrett have a strong foundation for their future educational endeavors and a deep moral compass for their life. We can't thank you all enough!” - The Greiner Family

Courtney Cavender Smith: Art Teacher since 2010 & SLES Alum ‘99

"This place has held a very special place in my heart ever since I was a little girl. I grew up in these hallways, and as soon as I heard about the job opening, I knew I wanted to return "home." Members of this community truly "know" one another. I feel so much love and support from my colleagues and students! When you walk on campus, you automatically feel special. It's not like any other school. 

St. Luke's has taught me to work hard, respect my neighbors, love God, and serve others. It all goes back to the St. Luke's Way. I learned this code as a child and now live by it as an adult. I love this school and I'm grateful that I can continue to play a role on campus." 

Jessica Koontz: SLES Parent ’10, ’11, Human Cultures Chair & History Teacher since 2011

"We chose St. Luke’s for our children because we knew our children would be known and get close attention. They flourished in this warm, nurturing environment where they felt both loved and encouraged to take intellectual and creative risks.  They developed confidence in their academic abilities.  Their experience surpassed our expectations; they went on to excel at a rigorous high school and gain admittance to their choice of colleges.

In 2011 my role at St. Luke's changed from parent to teacher. Now I had the opportunity to give back to this community that had played such a large role in my children's formation.  Now I could be the one to embrace students with love and encourage them to stretch their minds and skills.  The people I work with share my faith in the mission of our school and it is the beacon that guides all that we do.  Why do I choose St. Luke’s?  St. Luke's is my home where I feel God's presence and see Him at work every day."