Curriculum Skills Map

Strong academic programs are anchored by well-articulated, consistent curricula. In many schools, the curriculum is composed of a body of content that students are expected to learn from year to year. St. Luke’s faculty and administration believe that the acquisition of content knowledge is important. We also believe that our curriculum and instruction should equip students with the skills and abilities they will need to drive success in high school, college, and the world beyond. 

The map that follows details the set of skills and abilities that your student will gain as the result of the instruction received at St. Luke’s. This map provides a clear picture of what your child will be able to do at the conclusion of each academic year. We are grateful for the confidence you place in St. Luke’s to be your partner in forming scholars, citizens, and leaders for the 21st century. 



This map is the result of a yearlong collaborative effort by the full St. Luke’s faculty and administration.
St. Luke’s gives special thanks to Anne Burnson, Jessica Koontz, and Susie Parker for their leadership of this special project.