Paving the way for middle school

St. Luke’s Intermediate Level (grades 4 and 5) recognizes the unique developmental characteristics of upper elementary students readying to transition to a middle school environment. They are exposed to two core subject teachers--one specializing in English and social studies, the other in math and science--in order to shift toward having a different teacher for each academic area in the Middle Level.

Meanwhile, the partnership between parents and the school focuses on helping to equip families for the realities of parenting a middle schooler.  Intermediate Level homeroom teachers are referred to as “advisors”, maintaining close contact with the other core teacher in order to function as the main contact for parents about all aspects of their child’s educational experience.

Intermediate Level students at St. Luke’s are afforded freedoms, privileges, and leadership opportunities not often available to upper elementary students.  They have their own lockers and serve as acolytes, man the safety patrol, and raise and lower the flag each day. Fourth graders experience Outdoor School, a hallmark of our intermediate and middle levels. Fifth graders are able to compete on our middle school athletic teams, and for the first time begin their study of Latin.