Playful learning

St. Luke’s Early Childhood Program is based on the knowledge that young children learn best through playful, guided discovery of the world around them.  All of our certified prekindergarten and kindergarten teachers use their expertise and years of experience to devise developmentally appropriate curricula and classroom environments for our youngest St. Luke’s citizens.  We pride ourselves on the strength of the partnership formed in these years between the school, parents, and child; this bond lasts through the family’s time at St. Luke’s and beyond.  Parents are invited to participate in a myriad of ways, including an open invitation to join our early childhood students and faculty in their special ritual of daily chapel in the Chapel of the Christ Child.

One of the key assets to an early childhood program embedded within a larger school is access to resources and facilities that are typically unavailable in stand-alone preschools.  Our prekindergarten and kindergarten students visit St. Luke’s beautiful 25,000+ volume Newman Library and are taught by our master librarian.  During physical education classes, they run in the full-sized gym and enjoy much of the equipment available to our older students.  They are exposed to a wide variety of music and instruments in music class and are introduced to Spanish by our Early Childhood and Elementary Level Spanish instructor.  The Early Childhood level has its own specialized art instructor and dedicated art studio. The littlest St. Luke’s Tigers explore color, texture, and a variety of media on easels and tables sized appropriately for them.