Three departments:
Endless paths to learning

The St. Luke’s curriculum is divided into three content areas.  Communication & Literacy includes literature, composition, digital literacy, and speaking; Human Cultures is comprised of social studies, world language, and fine arts; and STEM encompasses science, technology, engineering, and math.  

An Academic Council composed of the three department chairs works closely with the administration and teachers at all levels to ensure that our students advance along a clearly outlined continuum in all content areas, from our youngest early childhood students to our eighth graders.  These chairs teach eighth grade and enrichment courses and invest the balance of their energy in clarifying the school's vertically aligned curricular objectives.  These content and instructional leaders also investigate opportunities for horizontal alignment (interdisciplinary learning).  

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"This school is outstanding at developing

each child as an individual, pushing them at a pace

appropriate for that child."

St. Luke's parent