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Head of School's Welcome

 Dear St. Luke’s Families,

Dear St. Luke's Families,

I knew when I first joined the St. Luke's welcoming carpool line in early April that there was something special about this school. Each student stepped forward to say hello, and one girl even stopped me in the office area to introduce herself spontaneously. The students' respectful and engaging looks and comments indicated confidence and kindness. I sensed that there was a community that embraced strangers, as well as friends, and made them feel comfortable.

And that has certainly been my experience these last two weeks. "Let me help with those boxes!" "Do you need directions?" "Have you had time on the River Walk? At the Pearl? At Central Market? At the Quarry?" The recommendations and offerings are generous and heartfelt.

I have been listening and learning, asking multitudes of questions and receiving rich and colorful responses. The leadership team of division heads and administrators takes time to communicate their dedication to the school's mission and students, families, and faculty. No item is too small for their attention and care. I have learned about the wide-ranging and challenging academic program and its carefully articulated skills grid, about Crescendo and all the outstanding arts offerings, about the summer math workshop for teachers from both SLES and surrounding schools, about the Spalding training in developing early reading skills, about after school enrichment programs, and about Kaleidoscope (and even have remembered how to spell the word!), 

I am so happy to be here with the SLES family and am ready to welcome you to my office. Please call Linda Sledge at ext. 230 to schedule a visit with me in the weeks ahead. It helps ground me in the community when I have names matched with faces and stories. 

During the July Fourth week, I will be with my family in Minnesota on the lake where I spent my adolescent summers and returned every July during my East Coast professional life. Among the calls of the loons and the swoops of the eagles, I restore my soul and reflect on what lies ahead. This July my thoughts will be with SLES and the excitement I feel as I look forward to a year of joyful learning within this wonderful community.

With appreciation,

Lenesa Leana

Interim Head of School


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